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NP101  $3599.99 S/H

TV-85  $2079.99 S/H

102APO  $2639.99 S/H

The Tele Vue-NP101(Nagler/Petzval)


represents our closest realization yet of the "ideal" multi-purpose photo/visual telescope. Its snap-to-focus sharpness across even the widest true fields, and rich planetary contrast will take your breath away. Its quality, easy set-up, and airline portability beckons your use. Over 20 years ago we reinterpreted the incredible design flexibility of the Petzval portrait lens into an astronomical objective. No other design type affords the freedom to simultaneously correct for: coma, astigmatism, field curvature, secondary spectrum, spherical aberration, and spherochromatism. The artful combination of materials and design bestows the Tele Vue-NP101 with diffraction limited performance into the furthest reaches of the visual spectrum. Manufacturing advances in lens finishing, including interferometric monitoring of all surfaces, and Tele Vue's stringent assembly and quality control, insure uniformly excellent results with every telescope, and a level of manufacturer direct service all too rare. If your interests range from terrestrial to rich-field or planetary astronomical, or to photography, just put in your eyepiece or attach a camera and the NP101 is ready to satisfy right out of its case.

The Tele Vue-85


The Tele Vue-85's mix of aperture and small physical size makes it a wonderful "go anywhere, do anything," crossover instrument—with Tele Vue quality, of course. With APO performance and airline portability, the Tele Vue-85 has been delighting astronomy and birding enthusiasts and reviewers alike. "Eye-popping performance that raises the standard of excellence for highly portable instruments." Evaluation of double-stars, lunar detail, deep sky and photography were reported in Sky and Telescope as: "Truly awesome! ...Incredible!...the view almost blew me off my chair!..." The conclusion, " extremely powerful, compact instrument capable of delivering stunning images of the universe."


The Better View Desired website reviewer summed up the Tele Vue "experience" when he said he would choose the Tele Vue-85, " really enjoy the incredible beauty of the living birds... And, even now, every time I look at a bird through one of the exceptional conventional spotting scopes, I'll be thinking: 'I wonder what this would look like through the Tele Vue-85? I wonder what this bird really looks like?'" Yes, pure enjoyment of nature's beauty without awareness of a thing in between.

The Tele Vue 102APO


At Tele Vue, we always try to provide good value in addition to great optical performance. With the Tele Vue-102 we offer the amateur a simpler, less expensive, 4" refractor which retains Tele Vue's core values; outstanding optical performance and superb mechanical quality.


The new Tele Vue-102 is a 4-inch, 2-element f/8.6 APO air-spaced doublet, similar to the appearance to the 4-element f/5.4 Tele Vue-101, but 5-inches longer. The Tele Vue-102 achieves similar diffraction limited, high power APO viewing as its 4" sibling, along with a wide 3 degree maximum visual field (compared to 4.9 degrees for the Tele Vue-101). A dedicated 0.8x reducer/flattener is available to permit great astrophotography of star fields at f/6.9 with the Tele Vue-102.  


The Tele Vue-102 is offered as a complete package or as an O.T.A., since you may already own a 2" diagonal and adapter as well as an eyepiece collection and mounting rings. These items are available expertly for the O.T.A..  I hope you agree that the 4" Tele Vue-102 offers the high standard of performance and features of Tele Vue refractors along with a unique value.


— Al Nagler


The Tele Vue-76


The Tele Vue-76 combines Pronto's compact size with the APO optical performance of the Tele Vue-85. The expansive 5.5° rich-field drizzles your view with delicate jewel-like stars, while the APO performance of the new Nagler designed, multi-coated 2-element objective and 2" Everbrite diagonal produce natural stellar and planetary color rendition even at the highest useful powers. Small size and lighter weight permit use of lighter-duty tripods for easy field carrying and transportation. The padded shoulder bag provides protection and room for the scope and six eyepieces. If your interests crossover from astronomical to spotting or birding, and you demand the ultimate in portable performance the Tele Vue-76 is always waiting to deliver.


TV-76  $1674.99 S/H

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