Starhopper Series SkyScout NexStar SLT Series Advanced Series CPC Series CGE Series

> Identifies celestial objects with the click of a button


> Locates over 6,000 stars, planets and constellations from built-in celestial database and


> provides scientific information for each object


> Provides comprehensive text and audio descriptions providing history, mythology and          other entertaining information for the most popular objects


> Tonight's Highlights: A customized list of the 20 best objects to view for your exact date,       time and location anywhere in the world

> Constellation Lessons: if the star you identify or locate is part of a constellation like the         Big Dipper, you can actually take a guided tour through all the stars in that constellation       and even see an onscreen map of the constellation


> Built-in Field Guide Includes:

         > Introduction to astronomy: a six part audio lesson on the origin and history of                          astronomy


         > Glossary of Terms: text defining popular astronomy terms including planets,                            comets, galaxies and more


         > Great Astronomers: text bios on some of the world's greatest astronomers                             including Galileo, Einstein and Copernicus


         > Man Made Space Objects: text description of some of the coolest objects man has                sent into space including the International Space Station, the Hubble Space                              Telescope and the Space Shuttle


         > Comet Guide: text descriptions about history's most famous comets including                         Halley's Comet and Comet Hale-Bop


> SD card slot: for optional “Sky Tour” audio presentations that provide hours of                         entertainment on a variety of topics


> USB port: allows database to be updated with new objects as they are discovered,

   comets, etc.  


> Simple enough for all ages:  just turn it on and it’s ready to use


> Built-in Help Menu: includes a quick start instruction guide for using the SkyScout


> Bring it anywhere: compact and light design makes it easy to carry and durable                      construction makes it safe for rugged environments

> Backed by Celestron's 2-year warranty

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SkyScout   $249.99 S/H       

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