Stand Magnifier $57.99 S\H

Round Stand Magnifier

$39.99 S\H

Hand Magnifier $57.99 S\H

Same 3X aspheric rectangular lense as used in the A-2000, but mounted in a prefocused stand. Fits conveniently over surface to be viewed.

Powerful 5X aspheric lens mounted in a prefocused stand allows users to view large 60mm. area. Great for any activity requiring distortion free viewing at higher magnifications.

Magnifier utilizes the same 3X aspheric rectangular lens as in the 2x4 illuminated magnifier but without the light. Sleek lightweight designer handle allows for hours of comfortable use.

Same powerful 5X aspheric lens as used in the A-2028 magnifier, conveniently mounted in a hand held reader. Compact design easily fits into pocket or purse.

The pinnacle of our ED scopes, this refractor is packed with great features and excellent optics. The refractor style 80ED (APO) features a 2" rack and pinion focuser and has a bracket that can adapt to a photo tripod or attach to Celestron’s Advanced GT equatorial mount. ED glass provides excellent color correction and razor sharp images for serious nature and bird watchers, and virtually eliminates chromatic aberration usually seen during planetary and lunar viewing. With a focal length of 600mm (f/7.5) the 80ED refractor is well suited for wide field astrophotography as well as nature photography. This spotter comes complete with a 25mm 1.25" eyepiece, erect image diagonal and 6x30 finderscope.  



Low Dispersion (ED) Glass

Fully Multi-Coated Optics

25mm Eyepiece - 1.25" (20x)

45° Erect Image Diagonal

6x30 Erect Image Finderscope

Adaptable to CG-5 EQ Mount

Limited Lifetime Warranty  

Round Hand Magnifier $39.99S\H

9"Bar Reader $10.95 S\H


Illuminating Magnifier $74.99 S\H

Powerful 2''x4'' aspheric lens provides 3X magnification. Bright 6 watt bulb combined with brilliant reflector gives maximum lighting over viewing area. Natural hold switch activates light when in use and allows for automatic shut-off of light when not in use. Detachable cord with strain relief easily unplugs for use with or without light. Additional bulbs and power supplies can be ordered separately for convenient replacement.