ETX PE-Series

When the original ETX® telescope was introduced in 1996, it quickly created a revolution in amateur astronomy. Here for the first time was a stunningly beautiful, ultraportable, and highly versatile telescope system of unprecedented optical resolution and performance. Within one year of its introduction the ETX became the largest-selling modern telescope in the world.

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FOR THE BEGINNING OBSERVER the ETX-90PE may be all the telescope ever required. For the advanced astronomer who may own a larger instrument, the ETX-90PE is the perfect ultraportable, diffraction-limited field telescope.

THE ULTIMATE ETX TELESCOPE With twice the light collecting area of the ETX-90PE, the ETX-125PE permits a much broader range of astronomical study. For the observer who is serious about astronomy, this telescope is a deeplysatisfying instrument for a lifetime of astronomical study.


With 36% more light collecting power than the ETX-90PE, the ETX-105PE provides a compromise between the larger-light gathering capability of the ETX-125PE and the ultraportability of the ETX-90PE with its compact size.

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ETX-90PE  $774.99 S/H

ETX-105PE  $999.99 S/H

ETX-125PE  $1219.99 S/H

Above prices include UHTC coatings